Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Agreements are binding at the moment they are concluded orally or in writing.

Delivery of services & Prices:

After 60 minutes, an hourly rate of €15 per hour will be charged.
Force majeure is understood to mean any strange cause, circumstance, which should not reasonably be at its risk. Disruptions in the electricity, frozen pipes and negligence of suppliers that are necessary for the execution of the agreement, illness of Trimster are expressly regarded as force majeure.


Are you unable to take your dog at the agreed time or date? That can happen. I would be happy to schedule a new appointment for you! Did you not cancel/change the appointment 24 hours in advance? Then I charge 50% of the costs. in case of a no-show we charge the full amount of the appointment.
The warranty does not extend beyond the re-performance of similar treatment if it was performed improperly. In the event of complaints, report this to the grooming salon within 48 hours. Only then are they of any value.
You can only pay through cash & via a tag that I send via Whatsapp.
Photos of your dog can be posted on social media. If you do not agree with this, please let us know before the grooming so that we can take this into account
No! Many animal diseases are contagious and I want to prevent other dogs from getting sick too.
I don’t always shave the fur right away, but when I work always in the interest and health of the dog. Should it be a too painful and lengthy process to detangle the dog. I will always clip/shave the dog short with your permission. extra costs with tangles are €1,- per minute.

This depends on the maintenance you do at home, the coat type of your animal, but also factors such as age, illness, castration, etc. I use the following guidelines;

  • Poodle and trimmed coats: 4-8 times a year
  • Rough-haired coats: 2-4 times a year
  • Spaniel coats: 4-6 times a year.