Roblox Debuts Generative AI Assistant for Building Virtual Worlds


How Roblox is bringing AI to the metaverse

For example, the weather in the game may alter based on real-world weather patterns, or player actions could impact the behavior of non-player characters. One of the most interesting parts of Roblox’s generative AI is that it will enable more dynamic and reactive Yakov Livshits gaming environments. I know Original is original, for some people love this type of style or experience I know but this time is for an upgrade. An AI system that can generate original material, such as art, music, or literature, is referred to as generative AI.

Generative AI tooling can help make creation intuitive and natural for users and be directly embedded into experiences, allowing any of the 58.8 million daily users to create unique content that can be shared across the platform, he said. Roblox, the wildly popular online gaming platform, is taking another big step forward by introducing Generative AI technology to its platform. With this innovative addition, Roblox aims to enhance the user experience and open up a whole new world of possibilities for its community of creators. The platform says it will soon be adding Assistant, a conversational AI, to help creators and brands build and code experiences. That could make creation on the platform more accessible to creators without a lot of technical savvy and more powerful for creators who are already technical whizzes.

Subscriptions within experiences

Bronstein said 955 experiences crossed 5 million visits, 542 crossed 10 million visits and 30 crossed 100 million visits. However, he said these off-the-shelf AI systems are not integrated with our platform and they Yakov Livshits often do not produce “Roblox ready” output that requires substantial follow on work from a creator. Stay up to date with the latest news and updates in the creative AI space — follow the Generative AI publication.

  • The difference is that Roblox Assistant is optimized for Roblox’s domain-specific needs.
  • Roblox has always provided creators with the tools, services, and support they need to build immersive 3D experiences.
  • We’ve opened up access for developers to start creating experiences for Roblox on Meta Quest and have seen a tremendous response.

This year, we shared how we plan to achieve our vision of reimagining how people come together. Another tool uses AI to moderate voice conversations in real time, which could cut down on toxicity on the platform. The company started testing this tool in August and “will be deploying the English model shortly, with another four languages by the end of the year,” according to spokesperson Roman Skuratovskiy. Visual Studio and other AI-enabled programming environments typically write code in response to a developer’s comment or when the user starts typing. The startup Replit, which makes a popular online programming tool, recently launched a chatbot-like interface that will not only write code but answer programming questions. Microsoft was the first to harness the latest generation of AI for coding, through a deal with OpenAI, which has adapted a general purpose language technology called GPT to power a code generator called Codex.

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We are building a platform that will enable every user to be a creator – not just those comfortable with Roblox Studio and other 3D content creation tools. We believe that many experiences in Roblox will become creation experiences where one can create a new shirt, hat, an entire avatar; a house or even an entire experience – all from within another experience. This vision requires a set of tools significantly more accessible to a typical user than exists in any environment today – things like voice and text or touch-based gestures rather than intricate mouse and keyboard movements. Generative AI tooling can help make creation intuitive and natural for users and be directly embedded into experiences, allowing any of our 58.8 million daily users to create unique content that can be shared across the platform.

Roblox is aiming for Westworld-like ease of design with generative … – The Verge

Roblox is aiming for Westworld-like ease of design with generative ….

Posted: Wed, 09 Aug 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Even more powerful, the convergence of media supported by generative AI will allow creators to develop integrated 3D objects that come with behavior built in. For example, a creator could design a car through a simple statement such as “A red, two seater, convertible sports car with front-wheel drive”. This new creation would both look like a red sports car but also have all the behavior coded into it to be driven through a 3D virtual world, he said. For example, some creators know how to code, but may have limited experience creating high-fidelity 3D models. Others may be more experienced with model design, but less experienced with code. In both cases, we see a future in which even a beginner can get a running head start as they look to bring their imagination to life in a Roblox experience, he said.

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Yakov Livshits
Founder of the DevEducation project
A prolific businessman and investor, and the founder of several large companies in Israel, the USA and the UAE, Yakov’s corporation comprises over 2,000 employees all over the world. He graduated from the University of Oxford in the UK and Technion in Israel, before moving on to study complex systems science at NECSI in the USA. Yakov has a Masters in Software Development.

The usage of generative AI will also help Roblox developers minimize their burden because they will no longer need to produce all of the objects manually. While the AI boom has taken attention—and marketing investment—away from the metaverse, Roblox is more interested in bringing the two technologies together. The gaming platform is building generative AI tools to allow for easier creation in its virtual ecosystem.

roblox bringing generative ai to gaming

Roblox is starting to look like the type of massive metaverse platform that could be a place where, maybe, more virtual theater is staged, or meetings, or who knows what else. Being increasingly cross-platform, and full of expanding creative tools, and being VR-capable — all that sounds promising. It’s part of a multilevel approach to expanding the popular platform beyond games. AIMultiple informs hundreds of thousands of businesses (as per similarWeb) including 60% of Fortune 500 every month.

Roblox shows its vision for UGC and generative AI

At RDC, we announced Assistant, a conversational AI that makes creation on Roblox more accessible and empowers advanced creators to build richer, more engaging experiences faster. Assistant will be available in Roblox Studio and Creator Hub later this year, and within experiences sometime next year to help creators learn, code, and build more effectively. Working with Assistant will be collaborative and iterative, so creators can provide feedback and Assistant will work to provide the best solution. This new generation of AI-powered tools will amplify the ability of all creators to bring their ideas to life. There hasn’t been a lot of talk about the metaverse lately, even though VR and AR devices are on the rise and generative AI tools are now everywhere.

roblox bringing generative ai to gaming

Microsoft is implementing conversation limits on its Bing AI after the chatbot was seen insulting and emotionally manipulating users. The limits include capping Bing chats at 50 questions per day and five per session to avoid long back-and-forth chat sessions that could confuse the model. As a step toward making it possible for anyone on Roblox to participate in the game economy, later this month, Roblox is inviting anyone who is ID-verified and has premium status to create 3D items in the Roblox marketplace. Also, Roblox previously created a new material generator for an existing object like changing a car color to a metallic blue.

🧱 Roblox Is Bringing Generative AI to Its Gaming Universe

You’re eliminating all the technical barriers and allowing people to really express their intent in a very simple way and just get content out there. Over the past few years, the gaming platform has drawn in celebs like Paris Hilton and Karlie Kloss and brands like Vans and Gucci, but today’s announcements mark a concerted effort from Roblox to promote a more robust ecosystem of user-generated content. Code Assist looks promising, but Roblox is careful to state it’s imperfect, and may generate “incorrect” or “misleading” information.

Warner spent decades in tech, cofounding the business that evolved into Nextel before he oversaw the past few elections from his perch as Intel chair, where he saw foreign intrusion firsthand. While he applauds Google’s first step toward protecting the public against inflammatory AI-generated nonsense, he says it falls woefully short. The briefings are a change for a chamber filled with 100 camera-loving politicians who are known for talking. During normal committee hearings, senators have become experts at raising money—and sometimes gaining knowledge—off asking made-for-YouTube questions, but not this time.

Roblox Facilitates ‘Illegal Gambling’ For Minors, According To New … – Slashdot

Roblox Facilitates ‘Illegal Gambling’ For Minors, According To New ….

Posted: Mon, 21 Aug 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

While Roblox is not yet fully engaged in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), the company is exploring various types of platforms. Generative Adversarial Networks modeling (GANs) is a semi-supervised learning framework. Semi- supervised learning approach uses manually labeled training data for supervised learning and unlabeled data for unsupervised learning approaches to build models that can make predictions beyond the labeled data by leveraging labeled data. When customers use the currency to buy virtual items within games, Roblox shares 30% of the revenue with the game developer.

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